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Getting started learning to code is easy! Here are a couple resources you can download to get started.

Learn to Code handout

Learn to CodeWhether it’s for your children or yourself, these three FREE apps are a fun way to learn to code. Start with the Hour of Code puzzles, then learn Scratch, and move on to code projects with Thimble. Here’s a Learn to Code Handout explaining all three. Please share it!


Introduction to Scratch Ball Game

introscratch_thumbThis Introduction to Scratch Ball Game tutorial, created by Hackademy, takes your coding knowledge further, but still uses the easy drag-and-drop environment of Scratch. Once you’ve mastered this tutorial you can start planning your own games!




More resources: For Kids  |  For Teens


What’s in a great password? Toolkit for children

Passwords are the first line of defence for all of your technology. Without a strong password, it’s easy to lose control of your email address, personal photos, your phone, and so much more. With a strong password, even the most powerful programs on the inter web will struggle to break into your accounts. Think about the last time you made up a new password for something – did you just select whatever word came to mind? Did you type a simple “123456”? If so, what do you think other people will guess when they try to enter your accounts? Let’s learn about passwords, and make sure that you never have to use a bad password again.

Download >> “What’s in a great password?” as a PDF




Make your First Website in 15 Minutes

Todayʼs best websites are beautiful, very easy to use, and allow us to learn and communicate with each other like never before. At the base of it, however, thereʼs a language that anybody can learn: HTML. Letʼs take a quick crash course in HTML and learn how to create a simple website all in less than 15 minutes. From there, youʼll have brand new tools to understand how web pages work, and your blogs and websites will look prettier and work better, all without having to keep relying on your geeky friends for free tech handouts.

YoCWR Teen: Intro to HTML Toolkit PDF download

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