Family Hack Jam 2016

Today we had an amazing Family Hack Jam, the 5th, at THEMUSEUM! There was so much to do, many activities thanks to Kinetic Maker Lab and Gareth Carr; plus Joanna from Hackademy taught young coders and their parents Scratch (we’ll get her awesome tutorial posted soon so you can do it with your kids at home!); the gals from Girl Geek Dinners Waterloo Region brought Lego (dinner and speaker event this Thursday!), which THEMUSEUM augmented with giant LEGO; and the KWMaker Club lit up parents and young makers with LittleBits.

buildrobottable littlebitstable showtell

This event was the first time we had kids try Thimble, a coding environment created by Mozilla. Each Thimble project explores different aspects of coding: a tutorial guides you to try modifying different code sections, so you can see how to change content, design, type size, background and images. If your kids have been playing with Scratch, get them to try Thimble and up their skills with real code for creating web pages.

At Year of Code we always want to walk the talk, so I created a summary of this Family Hack Jam using the comic project in Thimble. Enjoy it, click through and use the green Remix button to modify and create your own version!



For more photos visit our Facebook page,

Previously this event has been run by Hive Waterloo, from which Year of Code Waterloo Region was started. In July YoCWR will transition to a renewed Hive Waterloo Region, an official Learning Community, part of the Mozilla Learning Foundation.

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